Manuel FARIA, ®


Relações da família

Maria de Fátima Santos AGUIAR, ®

Manuel FARIA, ®

  • Nascimento: 3 Mar 1941
  • Casamento: Maria de Fátima Santos AGUIAR, ® a 22 Jul 1974 em New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA
  • Óbito: 28 Dez 2009, New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA com 68 anos de idade
  • Sepult.: 2 Jan 2010, New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA

Símbolo  Notas sobre o funeral:

Manuel was born on March 3, 1941 and passed away on Monday, December 28, 2009.
Manuel was a resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts at the time of his passing.
He is survived by his wife Fatima.
Mr. Faria Funeral will be Saturday at Perry Funeral Home 111 Dartmouth St. at 8 A.M with a Funeral Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Mount Carmel at 9 A.M. Burial will follow at St. Johns Cemetery. Visiting hours are Thursday from 2 to 4 P.M.


Símbolo  Eventos de relevo na sua vida:

• Foto do casamento.


Manuel casou com Maria de Fátima Santos AGUIAR, ®, filha de Aguinaldo de Rezende Nunes de AGUIAR, ® e Isabel Lisboa da Costa SANTOS, ®, a 22 Jul 1974 em New Bedford, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA. (Maria de Fátima Santos AGUIAR, ® nasceu a 14 Mar 1929 em Praia, Santiago, Cabo Verde.)


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